Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not lost

I am still here - lost in the world of facebook and micro blogging. Kids are awesome and Sweetie is awesome.
Now I am focusing in on me. I have a new weight loss blog. Feel free to read if you feel so inclined :-)

Missy's Journey to Fit

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Where did the year go?

Last Wed we celebrated L's b-day. We all took off from work/school and just hung out as a family. La Madeline was our breakfast (where he and I love the oatmeal), then some learning store exploring, park playing, and finally cake at G's. It was a day where it truly made me appreciate my husband and kids. We are a great family. Then on Saturday we had the party. It was at our favorite park with some family and friends. Of course, L didn't know what was going on, but he had fun. He never stopped walking - that is my little man, always on the go. Yesterday was his 1 year check up. The boy is healthy and big. 29.5" 22lbs. The only issue is that he has an ear infection. We had no idea. No fever, no complaining, no pulling. She said he has a high tolerance of pain - yep that is an understatement, lol. So there it is Sweetie and I are parents of a big kid and a toddler. I am smiling feeling complete as he keeps talking of a third :-) He cannot deny how much he adores being a dad. And now that the party is over we can plan our date day. For his marathon I bought us massages - we are going to do that as well as a movie and food. Sounds like heaven to me. As far as I go, I am still in a bit of a weight loss plateau. That is OK as I am focused. 31 weeks until 35. My studying has more motivation now as well. My new boss is pushing for me to finish the certification. This is good - I need some pressure to get things done. So I think that is a valid summary. Life is busy and hectic and wonderful. Everyday I am thankful for what I have :-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Stranger

Things are crazy and good. In less than two weeks my little boy will be one. How did that happen? He is such an amazing little cute and snuggly boy. Our little hectic life is going good. It makes me smile and laugh daily. We are focusing this weekend on preparing for his b-day as well as making some to do lists for the house. That combined with wonderful weather, I am really looking forward to it. We may even make it to the farmers market tomorrow.
I am in a really good place right now. Which is one reason for lack of posting. Work has had some major changes but I am my normal and rolling with the punches. My weight loss has stalled, but that is ok as I am reassessing. Work has a new wellness program and we are all wearing pedometers and uploading our steps into a challenge website. It is fun and motivating right now which is all that I can ask for.

Friday, February 11, 2011

So fast

This year has gone so very fast, it is unreal. You think it goes fast with your first, but OMG it goes faster with your second. The weekend before his b-day I have the cap10k, as I have mentioned. I am trying to keep my training at an even and planned pace - with my knee I cannot just do what I feel like. I know I can complete it, I just want to do it with style :-)

I am 9 pounds away from my goal for L's b-day. I must stay focused. The cold has taken me a little of course, but as long as I get my long walks in and hopefully three more, I will be grand.

L has been rocking and rolling with the walking. He has been taking steps for awhile. But this week he has truly used it for movement more than crawling. My little boy is already getting big.

I need to be working, but I don't want to. Bug was out for two days with strep - fun - so I worked from home. That is 10 times harder. But I was productive. Now that I am back to the office I just want to get outta here.

I have been studying though at night, and that makes me happy. I am trying to regain control of my life one aspect at at time :-)

Now the weekend is here, yay. Our plans are to complete a to do list of everything we want done for L's b-day, including a guest list. With bug we did it big. This time I think we won't do it as big, but I do want to celebrate it with a party.

Valentine's day is Monday. I need to get the kids some candy and such. Sweetie and I are not exchanging gifts, though I do expect some chocolate covered strawberries to share. I just cannot believe that it has been 14 years since Sweetie proposed. It seems like yesterday yet lifetimes ago. We were such different people then. But he took the opportunity to stand in front of 200 strangers and ask me to marry him. And I said yes. Actually he never said "will you marry me", he said "will you be my senses for the rest of my life" :-)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

damn it is cold

Waking to no power and 18 degrees is not the most fun. Well, it was fun. We weren't stressed and L had the best time crawling in the dark while Bug took charge of the flashlight. But it was cold.

Tonight is going to be fun as we get to go to a coffee shop that is displaying a friend's photography. It is going to be awesome. If only I survive the cold, lol.

This past weekend Sweetie ran his official 2nd half marathon. He is doing so awesome. His marathon is this month and I cannot wait to cheer him on.

I am doing good with my WW, down 36.8 now, only 44.4 remains. This week I started doing Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred. Two days in and I feel good, sore but good.

I am back on the studying bandwagon and hope to test in June.

OK that is all I have for little updates. Stay warm, peeps.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

fun with photo booth

Sweetie hasn't had the fun of playing with photo booth with us.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

repost from FB

smiling from ear to ear Sweetie knew I didn't have lunch and couldn't go out. He decided to surprise me by going to get me lunch and bring it to my work. I had no idea he was going to do this. This means even more as he had lunch at work so he didn't get himself anything. Now I look like a giddy school girl. Damn, I love that man!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have been missing, that is for sure. But nothing bad. Work, time with family, time with Sweetie, getting more routines for the kids, and general happiness has kept me busy.

My boy is growing and becoming a nice addition to our silly family. Bug is still amazing me everyday with something new she learned from school. I found out she checks on L while at school. She will report to me "he was sleeping today" or "he was taking a ride in the stroller". I love it. It will be strange to have them in two different places next year.

Sweetie has been training for a marathon and running a ton. I must say he is looking awesome in his running gear, heehee.

I have been busy with work, year end and audit prep are always a killer time for me. I am still working on the weight loss, though I did enjoy myself over the holidays. I have a much more realistic goal - all to do with my 35th b-day.

I just wanted to check in and let everyone that I am not gone, just taking a small break :-)

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Hello 2011, nice to meet you. I have a lot of plans for you. Please grab a drink and sit down. We need to talk. I try to not have a ton of resolutions, or anything too crazy, but this year is my year. You see, since 2005 my years have had other focuses than the simplicity of losing weight. Between new baby, health issues, miscarriage, and pregnant again - I have had a focus of the "greater good".

Not this year.

This year is ME.

I started my workout program yesterday and am a part of the 100 day challenge (workout 30 minutes a day, everyday for the first 100 days of the year). My goal is to finish a 90 day challenge of chaLEAN, walk the Cap10k, and hope to jog the IBM 10k.

With weight loss, I want to get to a healthy weight this year. I am still with WW and plan to start following it once again. And this should be made easier with my goal of working out.

Then there is organization. I want to get my house to a point where I do not care who enters the door that they can walk into any room without me feeling embarrassed. This will require more schedules - which will aid in my eating healthier and losing weight. See where this is going. They all go hand in hand. Improve one part and others are bound to follow. Sweetie's resolution also has to do with de-cluttering and organizing.

And if I am sleeping better, eating healthier, feeling healthier, and am more on schedule, I should have time to do some studying. My certification went through a change and now is very different. I still have two tests to pass so I need to do this right and study some everyday.

So that is the plan, focus on ME. Only a couple of set goal time frames with other support goals. I can do this. I have the most supportive husband and kids.

Thank you, 2011, I look forward to working with you :-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Festivus

I cannot think of today without thinking of my brother, and of course seinfeld. I miss him so much! Hopefully we will get to see him soon.

Today I am huge smiles. My babies were so awesome this morning. Not to mention that Bug bought me a Christmas present last night. I don't care what it is, though I have an idea. All that matters to me is that she thought of it. She got everyone a gift this year - and really thought about it all. She is awesome and amazing. I am so very lucky to have her.

L is awesome too, don't get me wrong, but on a much squishier and gigglier way. He is trying so hard to walk and is into everything. But one look into his blue eyes and seeing his crazy red hair, and you cannot help but smile.

I go into this Christmas holiday feeling very blessed, loved, and lucky.